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Quick release hook
  • Quick release hook
  • Quick release hook

Quick release hook

  • Category:Deck Machinery
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  • Quality Guarantee:12 Months unless specified otherwise
  • Place of Origin:China
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China Quick release hook Introduction:


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  • 50 days


General Description:

Quick release hook(QRH) units are available with single or multiple hooks in capacities from 30t to 200t. Each hook cantilevers from the mounting base and the design ensures the hook can't impact the deck under any loading configuration. The QRH is designed to be release by an operator when a mooring line is attached, even under full load.

Main parts drawing:

Technical data sheet:

Quick release hook operational range Hook 1 Hook 2 Hook 3 Hook 4
Single -90 to 90 degree -- -- --
Double  -90 to 90 degree -90 to 90 degree -- --
Triple -90 to 90 degree -90 to 90 degree -90 to 90 degree --
Quad -90 to 90 degree -90 to 90 degree -90 to 90 degree -90 to 90 degree
All bases -5 to 45 degree
Base capacity Hook SWL multiplied by the number of hooks
Temperature range Operating: -15 to 60 degree, storage:-40 to 70 degree
Foundation design  suitable for concrete or steel foundations
Hold down bolts Supplied with base as standard
Anchor template one mild steel template supplied per base design
Fasteners 316 stainless steel


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